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Among the easiest formal garments to overlook are the tuxedo vest and tuxedo shirt. Because of their relative simplicity and subtly nuanced differences - especially when it comes to white-tie and black-tie standards — it can be all too easy for a man to disregard their importance and brush them off as simple garments to be chosen at some later time.

The simple fact of the matter, however, is that a good formal shirt and the right formal vest are as imperative to a formal ensemble as the jacket and trousers, and poorly-chosen garments can easily bring down the elegance of a gentleman's overall look.

So whether you're going with a Black Tailcoat or a White Tailcoat, or even if you're undecided, please take a moment to check out our selection of tuxedo vests and tuxedo shirts and think about what they can bring to your overall look.

Below are some tuxedo vests and shirts we carry:.

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Wing Collar Tuxedo Shirt   Pique Tuxedo Vest

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