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Tailcoats - The Height Of Formal Dressing

Tailcoats don’t have any need for a classification. Tailcoats are, without a doubt, form the most impressive genre of men’s formal wear. The cut-in tailcoats were formally adopted as the men’s formal wear for all occasions since 1860s, when tailcoats were worn on all formal occasions as the men’s formal wear for evening affairs. The tailcoats are available in both single as well as double breasted versions. Some of the tailcoats and men’s formal wear also have velvet trims on the cuffs and collar.

The men’s formal wear tailcoats are shorter from the front and have an elongated tail at the back. Due to the short length of the tailcoats which reach up to the waist, the men’s formal wear vest that is chosen should be identical to either the trouser or the tailcoat. The most apt men’s formal wear shirt for wearing with the tailcoats is the dress shirt with a pleated front. Most of the tailcoats are manufactured using light weight and high quality wool.

The tailcoats are the essence of the white tie ensemble. These days the vintage tailcoats are gaining a lot of popularity. The vintage tailcoats and men’s formal wear of the 1800s have stand and fall collar. It has a greater tailored body and a narrower cut across the shoulders. The vintage tailcoats of the period between 1835 and 1845 have a more tubular sleeve and are less comfortable than the tailcoats of today. The Victorian tailcoats came after 1845 and are just like the standard tailcoats.

Tailcoats are the ultimate men’s formal wear apparel. The basic components of the men’s formal wear attire for a ultra formal event includes the tailcoats, men’s formal wear trousers, a bow tie, a men’s formal wear vest, cufflinks or studs, men’s formal wear shirt and men’s formal wear shoes and socks. The men’s formal wear shirt that is worn with the tailcoats comprise of a high collar at the neck’s back side. The men’s formal wear tailcoats are properly fitted to the back and chest and hang down loosely till the knees from the back. The front of the tailcoats has two rows of non functional button which may be made of brass or pewter. Most of the tailcoats are made from pure wool fabric and thus are suitable to be worn in the cold weather as well. For the places with warm climatic conditions, the men’s formal wear and tailcoats are also manufactured using cotton and linen.

Tailcoats are generally available in black and white colors. However, with passing time, the tailcoats are now also made in grey and mid-night blue colors too. Tailcoats are thus the men’s formal wear attire of choice and are suitable to be worn to all occasions that demand ultimate formal attire such as weddings, operas and symphony and state affairs.

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